Irma Carson,
Executive Director

Ebony Counseling Center, a community-based 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization, was founded in 1972 to address an unmet need in the African-American  community to combat alcohol and drug abuse related problems.  The agency mission is to provide a treatment and recovery program that identifies with the cultural mix of the community and the targeted geographic area.  The primary goal of the agency is to improve quality of life by intervening in the lifestyles of individuals and families impacted by the effects of substance abuse and other behavior risk factors.  Over the years the agency’s philosophy has been to provide a holistic and  comprehensive approach through outreach, intervention, and prevention service programs.  Our effort is to reduce substance abuse, gang violence, and school drop-out rates by offering community services to help individuals, youth and families overcome high risk  factors which contribute to juvenile delinquency and dysfunctional families.  Ebony is committed to addressing the emerging needs of high-risk youth and their families.

Jerry Shipman , President

Diane McClanahan, Vice President    Art Powell, Treasurer   Gloria Patterson, Secretary

  Michael Roberson             Dr. Ron Claiborne            Grinnell Griffin                     Greg Moore                   Curtis Jenkins